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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 3, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> scary moments in san jose tonight. firefighters are still on the scene of a grass fire that burned in san jose near the east ridge shopping center. smoke spewed lots of smoke. wind in the area pushed
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the flames a bit. helicopters work to dump world trade center on the fire and one woman driving by described how fast flames spread. >> it was enormous. when we first started driving by i was at the corner i could seat big flames. when i got closer there was one firefighters standing there and by time pats go through the street light the flames were through the capito capitol. my window up and i could feel the heat. but pretty intense. he look nervous too. it was coming full forward and it was so long. >> she spoke with us on the phone tonight during our 6:00 o'clock broadcast. that video you saw some was from the man who posted the picture to the facebook page. the grass fire burned close to a number of homes. firefighters are putting out any remaining hot spots. good evening to you. it was 90 degrees in san jose. very warm. bit windy. perfect
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dons fuel a fair. low humidity as well. another red flag warning is about to begin in factth spencer is here to talk about that. expense. >> high fir danger won't go away right now. warm dry breezy at timesth live doppler 7 hd. no clouds around no cooling coastal fog. so we are warm and dry all over the bay area and we do have a red flag warning in effect for north bay mountains. this is from midnight to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow elevation above 1,000 feet. hawm ty very low. remain that way 15 to 30 percent winds gusting in the higher elevation 40 to 50 miles per hour adding to the concern with fire. good news we see sharp changes in weather over the weekend that diminish the risk of fire but at this moment we have red flag warping in effect tomorrow afternoon mid afternoon for the north bay mountains. >> thanks very much. >> walls of fire climbing in southern california. here are pictures from a short time ago. night sky once again lit up by the flames. newest wildfire to
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break out is in long an county in glendale. massive aerial attack by water dropping helicopters appears to be effectively keeping the brush fire from ep encroaching on homes. people ready to pack u up. helicopters flew in. listen to the coverage from news chopper today. >> right on the he edge of the road. putting out black smoke. smoke heading to the main fire now going up the hill. watching for the air drop. but this is very dangerous fire. it's very unpredictable because of the heat humidity. and then the winds. firefighting helicopter right there making a drop right inside the smoke. blast go through the smoke making the turn out. that is tough work. unusual for them to blast through the smoke like that because some accepts of urgency to get water in there burning behind the one house so the aerial commander says you probably need to get in there with the skill and training. >> you can see on this map how close the fire in glendale is
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to the big one burning in camarillo. convenient take your a county fire has ballooned now to 43 square miles. about 20 percent contained. helicopters in the air firefighters on the ground are doing fierce battle. 7 news reporter david wright is on the front-lines. >> scenic highway in america. today the front line of the bi biggest wildfire in the west. today news camp are right into the heat of the day biggest hot spots. blaze pushed in one direction by hot wind from the desert. >> i'm not worried about in front of us. >> now push the other way by a cool ocean breeze. >> swirling around comes from every direction. wind shifting continuously, whipping up walls of flames 150 feet tall. helicopter attack from the air but only 8 of them that cover 10,000 acres. on the ground 1,000 firefighters form the infantry. >> foot soldiers bringing water
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right in the flames. stopping the fire in the track. today they race to save a coastal naval base. john gregory was there. >> the focusing on the training facility. ter trying to protect it from the flames. hills along route one full of dry brush. practically built to burn. >> one thing about fair. tends to burn uphill. steep terrain acts like chimney. the house is in real jeopardy. >> sprayed down his house in an effort to save it from the flames. >> invest a lot in this house. don't want to lose it. >> 4000 homes are currently under threat. 15 have been damaged but amazingly none of them destroyed. firefighters here are doing everything they
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cap to keep it that way. david wright abc news along the pacific coast highway in california. >> back up here in northern california in hillsboro major fire has damaged 2 homes one of them pretty seriously. flames burst out of one house open black mountain road late today. the fire reached the attic and torched nearby trees. san bruno firefighters laid down several streams of water in order to beat back the flames. as you can imagine the owner was just stunned. >> my wife called me. i ran. i was down if burling game. i flew up and popped over the if if he says. i saw my back unit burning up and then flames coming through. fichlt garden hose to help put out the pfeiffer fire. >> fire spread damaged at least one other house. the good news nobody was hurt. investigators are still trying to figure out exactly how it started. moving on. >> fumble by law makers in florida mean san francisco now has the edge to host the 2016
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superbowl. tallahassee legislature needed to pass a bill to renovate the miami dolphins stadium. they did not do that and spending the money is a stipulation in order to get to host the superbowl. now that moons the bay area will electrically get the nod when nfl owners vote on may 21. about 3 week from now. the owner could vote to start the selection process all over again. seems unlikely from what we hear. construction on the state of the art stadium on track and scheduled to open for the 2014 season. the bay area superbowl committee will send its proposal package to nfl head quurters next week. keep your fingers crossed. could very well happen. >> in san francisco tonight health officials issue warning about the risk of typhoid fever the result of food served at the cafe in up scale store at the stone town galleria. of we have the story. >> in order strm cafe is a popular place to eat here at the galleria. and tonight nordstrom reaching tout
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customers to let them know that one of their cafe employees contracted typhoid fever while traveling out of the country. trouble began when that employee came back to work here during the last two week of april. >> we are letting the public knee if they ate at the stones town nordstrom cafe on the dates of april 16, 17, 18, 20 or 27 and they start developing symptoms of illness particularly gas from intestinal illness or high fever and rash they should seek speak with health care provide provider. >>reporter: dr. seuss an film is an infection disease specialist with the san francisco health department. she says it takes a week or 2 maybe 3 for the symptoms to show up. >> most people who get in fixes may have relatively mild moderate symptoms but could include high fever. people could have weakness. >>reporter: she adds in some cases people get very sick if not treated. it coils a couple up,000 people a year in
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developing countries. shoppers we talked to were understandably surprised to hear the news. >> oh, my goodness. so what are they doing about it. >> nordstrom says it's going through credit card receipts to find customers who 80 cafe during that late april time frame. and if any of those customers are feeling ill, nordstrom has contracted with a couple of local clinic to provide free test. eat there often. >> do i yes. i eat in lots of weird places. >>reporter: how are you feel. >> i feel in great. >>reporter: sf state student johnson 80 cafe during the april time frame. less of appetite. stomach pain. >> haven't had any of those. so no. feeling fine. >>reporter: and again health department found no one who has become sick from eating in the cafe. for the entries address office those 2 clinic set up you cap get a free test go to our web site we have the addresses there and we get new touch with them. reporting from the stones town gallery
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a-7 news. >> busy friday night. still to come at 9:00. 2 popular frozen peter and recall. we explain yichlt more trouble at the in you bay bridge. cal-trans investigation into bad bolt. now includes thousands of questionable rods. so will the thing still open on time? >> also famous singer lends his voice to new local study helping vet suffering from pts ptsd. >> babies could be smaert than we think. wait until you see wlook at them you see [ sigh ]
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>> cal-trans problem with the new bay bridge are getting worse tonight. the failure of 32 rods on the new bay brim in march has led to an investigation of more than 2000 of them. how will that affect the count down to the bridge scheduled opening is unclear. now just down to 122 days. more tonight from 7 news transportation reporter heathe heather. >> gallivanize high strength rod proud in a way that makes them susceptible to bricking in marine environment. of the more than 2300 installed on the self anchor suspension bridge only 32 have broken. but cal-trans now reviewing quality control tests for all of them
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and doing additional testing. in 2004 cal-trans updated bridge design specifications or manual banning the use of this type of bolt. yet they were installed 4 years later. still cal-trans says using them water perfectly acceptable. >> miami for building anything but particularly bridges get updated of. some up take ited annually. and if we had, we stopped and changed the material every time there was an update we would still be designing the brim. not building it. review of the suspect rod is the latest in the series of construction fumble that would seem to threaten the scheduled labor day weekend opening. that decision hasn't been made yet. >> vehicle if the put on the structure until we determined it's one00 percent safe. >> former consolidate transspokesman and 7 news bay brim consultant bart says item not just the contractor and cal-trans monitoring the work. there are third party inspectors as well. cal trans should be able to explain to
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the tax parrots what happened. >> there has been thorough inspection on this and i think what the agency have to answer is why was why were these type of bottle chosen. >>reporter: dan is a kind of third party. not an inspector but a we are. he wrote a best selling book boston big dig and construction map of the 23 billion dollar transportation project in his emeryville condo. and this is a mock-up of the bay bridge book he has researched and hopes to write. he says what is happening on the bridge now is tip coffel mega project. big dig done in cement. the opening difficult for everyone was delayed. >> california no longer a by interin land and territory. pioneer in technology and this bridge cal-trans the owner of it pushing the edge of engineering on magazine scale. >> abc 7 news. >> scientists with veteran administration and ucsf approach military veteran
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suffering from ptsd. usually they get counseling and medication but as wayne explains, there may be a much more simple remedy. >> nothing beats an hour of p t on a warm day. physical training. working out in the military. how former staff sergeant nick garcia thinks of it. >> biggest thing i was cheney chasing was adrenalin rush. >>reporter: you would too if you fought with friends in afghanistan and feeling more than that actually. >> cost me a lot of turmoil within my family. bret michael edmunds real distant from one another. didn't want-around them. felt isolated. stay by myself. drank for quite a bit when i first came home to as you express the feelings nishtion short he returned with ptsd. dr. thomas nail specialize ins that at the va hospital. >> when you have something terrible happen to you and you are haunted by it.
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>>reporter: stuck in a loochlt research indicates exercise may a way out of it. >> actually look like almost leak a jelly roll rolled up here. >>reporter: expense serment explore it as cure. section of the brain contains reservoir of stem cell. >> exercise stimulates it e-research so promising that singer song writer john maier showed up today. he's adopted ptsd as cause and not superficial limit he's given time and notice and money. he was almost reluctant to be interviewed. >> i think if you have celebrity and you have a voice it's the duty of that voice to have enough knowledge so that you don't derail what it is you are talking about. >> now back to the experiment. no drug just a lot of effort hoping to sweat away what might have seemed an tangible anrix until they started to lichlt i thought it was a miss. sympathy case more or less until i started feeling it my z.i relevantize that it's a real thing. >> from the presidio, wayne freedman abc 7 news.
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>> very much a real thing for so many veterans. let's focus on the weather forecast. talked about fire conditions. experience is back but that is easing isn't it. >> it is aeing agencies. temperatures dropping and sharply over the weekend. humidity will come become up a bit. might even have rain drop over the weekend. look at live doppler 7 hd. dry right now. no cooling. coastal fog yet but we expect some to develop officer knight but right now clear skies across the board from coast to inland and 24 hour temperature change is interesting. rate now much cooler in most location than last night. 7 agrees cooler in novato. sfo. hayward then temperature readings that the hourless night. live from sutro camera looking out over san francisco. today record high despite the fact the heat was little less intense today across the board. as many record high today as we had yesterday in napa at 92 exploratorium had 79. tied
9:19 pm
existing record for this kit and okay listened mountain view santa cruz new record high for this date. certainly men of heat holding on today. live view from the roof top camera looking along em park dare o. current temperature readings 61 in san francisco. 68 san carlos. 62 at half moon bay. 71 at san jose. travel kun to the graphic image of downtown oakland where we display our forecast feature. may have been very wide spread but calling. fir concerns continue especially in the north by and showers are possible by early sunday as we have our dramatic change in our weather pattern coming our way. overnight few patches of coastal fog. but cool down along the coast and low pressure on the mid upper 40's but low will still be on the mild side animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. notice development of very also coast tl fog until litter in the day. slide west ward out
9:20 pm
to sea and park itself offshor offshore. by sunday afternoon we are lacking at chance of some showers here in the bay area as the low will create unsettled conditions and much cooler weather. bring our way. mopped morning 5:00 o'clock even greater chance of showers moving into the bay area with this wrap around effect with the low parked off shovrment sunday monday going into next week there is a chance of some light showers but tomorrow sunny dry and warm again but not hot. high in the low 80's. 81 at santa clare. it's mild to warm on the peninsula high and mid 60's on the coast. 70 downtown san francisco tomorrow. 64 in the sun set. up in the north bay valley look for high in the mid 80's. santa rosa over in napa. on the east bay we see 77 in oak land. 78 at newark. inland east bay warmer than that with mid upper gris walnut creek and
9:21 pm
brentwood and here's the 7 day forecast. look at the sharp cooling on sunday and we 4 or 5 day reach low to mid 70's and slight chance slight chance of showers sunday monday and tuesday. good to feel a few april showers. early may showers. >> not bad thanks very much. ñáçwçñl from soap to toothpast fema narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing.
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you. >> nestle food voluntarily recalling some popular frozen pizza after small piece office plastic were discovered. recall involves 2 pizza under
9:25 pm
the california pizza kitchen label including grilled chicken with cabernet sauce and crispy thin crust white. this white pizza is also on the recall list. and the crispy flat bread pizza. check the refrigerator or freezer for these. all the pizza made between february 26 and march 9 of this year and shipped across the country so they could be any.where find more information on our web site. >> anti-bacterial soap could do more harm than good. after more than 40 years on the market the fda sits is now reviewing whether a chemical found in everything are soap to body wash to toothpaste could be harmful. it could increase the risk of hormone problem or cause infertility in people. soap and deternl interest industry calls the concerns over blown. >> the fact is this chemical is
9:26 pm
safe. extensive track record. human health and environmental safety. >> while the fda says animal studies quote don't always predict effects in hawm l an consumer advocate questioning why the chemical is still used especially even the fda says it has no evidence soap made with it provide any benefit over washing with regular soap and water. as for whether to do, experts say don't use products with this chemical unless you have to. use plain old soap. >> video viral on you tube proving how quickly toddlers can catch on to the action of adults even when it comes to performing cpr believe it or not. watch this little girl slowly executes toward the dumpy. then she begins multiple chest compression. takes a pause to look question bring up to the camp are as if asking am i doing this right then proceed to breathe air into the dumpy mouth holding the nose. then more chest compression. isn't that the
9:27 pm
most amazing thing. cute little girl. >> world first solar plane leaves the bay area coming up here. historic mission it's on right now. >> i'm in sacramento. the brown administration submits prison overcrowding relief plan that falls short. will the judges accept it or order early releases of inmates. >> archeological find. world war ii bomber resurface after 70 years from the water grave. >> aircraft that just made hyper sonic history. stay with us. more to bring you. us. more to bring you. an
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>> good evening once again. israel tonight hit targets inside syria deemed a threat.
9:31 pm
u.s. officials say israel launched an airstrike apparently targeting suspected weapons site. one official says the strike appeared to hit a warehouse. israel targeted weapons in the past. most recently in january. israelis officials believe the weapons are being delivered to lebanon where hezbollah is based. >> gone brown staring down the federal courts over the state much may line prison system and so far neither side is blink. administration presented a new plan today on how to reduce the state prison population. but the we explain that prison critic claim the governor is breaking the law and they want him arrested. >> it's not a good plan. but it's the best of the worst. >> threaten with contempt of court. brown administration submitted under protest 46 page plan to release prison overcrowding. state says california has already shed 4 42,000 inmates since 2006. that the prison health care
9:32 pm
system is up to constitutional stand arrested. but the federal court still demand that the population be reduced another 9300 by the end of this year. manufacture that could jeopardize public safety. >> i'm disappointed that the judges have not taken an indepth look at all we have done. >> plan mostly rae lays on finding more bed by renting space at county jill or out of state prison. also increase goods time credit so offender released sooner. the state could expand the criteria why for pa rolling the sick and elderly. >> i think it is 46 pages of excuses and whining. >>reporter: inmate advocate and attorney say the prison health care system still provides unconstitutional care and calls the plan inadequate. without a long-term fix they want governor brown thrown in jill for failing to address the decade long problem. >> if any of the rest of husband continually said to the court go away we are not going to listen to you we would be in contempt. he is if condition tempt. >>reporter: brown administration admits the
9:33 pm
reduction plan is 2500 inmates short. the state has to submit a list of lo risk offender over the next several weeks. judges can use it to order early release. >> it's an option that judges don't accept the plan. problem is most low risk offender have already been shifted to county jail. >> that's a good point. the only remaining low risk people left in the system are people you might consider serious violent offenders. >>reporter: governor brown hoping to avoid all this. by winning separate lawsuit that seeks to gain control of the prison system. >> oakland police and fbi agents stage series of early morning raids today with big results. a lot of heroin now off the street. a lot of it. along with weapons and so-called cop killer bullet. that story from nick smith. >>reporter: this is some of the raw materials. this is the tar heroin. >> in a series of early morning raids that proud multiple arrest member of the oakland
9:34 pm
police department special operation team confiscated weapon and ammunition and drug. >> street value from about 20 to 50,000 dollars of heroin. that's significant recovery e.significant because the special task force wit not be possible without the voter approved high pressure him the extra manpower to target crime in problem 80's. >> those that have been involved in and continue to be involved in violence can expect more response from the oakland police department and all federal partner. >> in addition to the drug panel for street sales it netted heroin tr and cut 1600 dollars in cash. 2 assault rifles. loaded ar 15 100 round milligram and high caliber and hollow point bullet. >> the caliber rifle ammo here will cut through police body arm or with these. our armor can't stop that fire power. >>reporter: victor brown has lived and raised family in west
9:35 pm
oakland for more than 30 years and believes he knows why the crime doesn't really get cleaned up. >> we have more officers available. where they are. working in the community and we have community policing. then you see the crime go down. but once you take all that away then crime goes right back up again. >>reporter: police chief jordan pushing hard for neighborhood policing saying this morning raid are only a pray lawed of what is to many could. >> community is plagued by violence and want to send a message to the community we do care about them. >> i could see they are moving in the right direction. but you have to understand you just put a bandaid overseer us role. >>reporter: 0oakland voter decided to tax themself when they pass the measure wide. violence prevention and safety act uses public funds to profit to fund non-profit and social groups to help reduce the violence in troubled areas. at police headquarters nick smith abc 7 news.
9:36 pm
>> moving on. plane that flies on so already power is now on the first leg of its historic cross country flight. solar impulse as called is heading to phoenix arizona. sue thompson has more from move it field with a lot of excitement at take off. >> take off historic slow and steady as the first so already powered plane began the journey across america. >> more people should know about this. because this is going to be the first solar plane ever invented. the pilot will go history. >> inside swiss pilot founder picard will fly solar impulse some 40 miles per hour from a small cockpit with no heat in an economy style seat. the plane itself is as light as a car with the wing span of a 74 747. it runs fuel free. 1 12,000 solar cell installed in the wing. former swiss air
9:37 pm
force pilot andre partner with picard in this mission. >> you can take off in the morning with almost empty battery. you can fly the entire day. climb to 30,000 feet which is the altitude of the airliner. you can fill up the battery. >> full battery power may one day power homes, cars, or more. >> project more about providing clean technology. renubble energy. normal savings. >> solar impulse will journey over the next two months to phoenix and then eventually new york. >> certainly a vision for the future. if we don't start today to try to fly with renewable energy, we will never be able to do it. >> price tag to make it happen is 140 my dollars. we are told a lot of support came prosecute european inhave investigator and company. work is already under way to build a second solar plane for possible round the world flight in 2015. from
9:38 pm
nasa aims moffitt field 7 news. >> more aviation news to share with you tonight. prototype of plane that could travel from new york to los angeles in under an hour was tested this week. on wednesday a b-52 bomber took off from edwards air force base. there goes the bomb it's rail plane. the st. the rider hit 5 times the speed of sound. that's over 3500 miles an hour before crashing into the pacific. such a plane may never actually be used commercially however it take as lot of fuel and taws environmental issues which is why the concord never flew across the country just transatlantic flights. >> in a rare german bomber from the second world war set to be raised from the english channel where it was fit ziting at the bomb of the channel for 7 decade. here's a scan of the plane from the royal air force museum in london. work began
9:39 pm
today to retrieve the last surviving plane 17 off the coast of kent in the english channel. aircraft was first spotted by dmivrs 2008. 50 feet below the surface on chalk bed surround bid debris. the only known surviving example of the becomeer known as the flying pencil for obvious reasons. shot down in the battle of britain. >> coming up next. ride along with a robber. he will tell you how he knows if your home is
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[ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. start the fiesta. 12 packs of corona are $11.97.
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a tasty deal is served. marie callender's meals are $2.00 each. and simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> here's a stunning number. thieves are robbing someone somewhere in this country every 15 seconds. every time i finish reading this somebody
9:43 pm
will be robbed. 75 percent of the robbery happen in our home homes. deborah roberts reveals what it is that makes one home more enticing and easier to rob than the next. >> believe it or not a home robber is as choosey as home buyer. anything here look enticing chris patter on the to know he's a former thief and some houses scream rob me and others not so much. his big tip? security system is worth it. especially if it has cameras. in fact some can even beam live video of break in as it is happening. >> 2 people in the house. here comes another one. >> homeowner can call the cops. >> ma'am it's okay officers are surrounding your house. they are not going to get away with anything. >> get this. patterson still robbed plenty of homes protected by alarm systems. how? because owners are often too lazy to turn them on. >> of half the time not armed if it is there. >>reporter: not even armed?
9:44 pm
really? >> on the flip side here's something that's always on. >> beware of dog sign. not going near it. >> patterson confess all you need is a beware of dog sipe. you can skip the actual dog. >> automatic no no. >>reporter: that's what turns him away. what attracts him to your home? >> this is completely obstructed. no way for anybody to see what is in the front. >> good or bad thing. >> great thing for the burglar. >> because privacy makes his job so much easier. >> the same privacy you think i love the privacy of my back yard and not people lack in i walk through the gate to the back yard and go i love the fact that you have these beautiful shrub up now i can do my job without anybody seeing me. >> that's an eye opener isn't it. deborah roberts reporting. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. test run of the google glasses you keep hearing so glasses you keep hearing so much see exactly
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
the. >> we get firsthand look now at the highly anticipated and talked about google glass device. high tech head set offers hands 43 way to check the messages. take pictures and search the internet. tech editor miss stern tests it out. >> it maybe the start of sun glass season but soon you might be seeing a different type of eye glass out there. and they are not exactly going to make you look cool. google glass are the future set of glass that is puts a small computer screen in front of your face. and they are being tested by a select few around the world. before a full commercial roll out. >> that's really cool. wow! pretty awesome why would you want to wear the rather uncool looking glasses. idea is we are always lacking down at the
9:49 pm
phone. checking map. checking e-mail. but why in the just look up. why not have it right in front of out of eye. a little screen sits right above the eye. don't worry it doesn't many packet your visio vision. you can see the text messages e-mails even incoming call right on it. do real time google searches. answer pop up right in front of you. how do you control these glasses in actual sliwa to did odd lacking things. turn them on i utility my head back and display pop on and i say okay glass. take a picture. then boom. it's taking a picture. yo of to grab my phone. you can see how it might be useful for somebody with their hands full. but might be awhile before you can put these on. google testing the explore r edition willing to pay 1500 dollars. battery life goes up and praise goes down when launched later this year. >> go if google glass to
9:50 pm
crystal ball and gaze ing into that with live doppler 7hd. >> finally coming up with something. here's live doppler 7hd clear sky right now from coast to inland but we expect a little patches coastal fog overnight. tomorrow state wide sunny warm high 89 chico 81 sacramento 94 fresno. 82 at yosemite. bay area we see mainly sunny skies with again some little patches of coastal fog. high pressure ranging from mid 60's at the coast to mainly 70's low 80's near the bay an mid 80's in the inland locations and tomorrow evening at at&t park the giants take on the dodgers in game 2 of the weekend series. 6:05 it's sunny mostly sunny mild temperatures 63 degrees. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. cool down a bit tomorrow and whole lieutenant more on sunday and remain under way cooler than average conditions right on through next wednesday with slate chance of showers on sunday. monday tuesday. if you add up all the moisture we get the three days mate amount to one
9:51 pm
little rainfall. >> them bell. >> yes is that during the warrior lull we focus on the sharks. larry is here. >> this is great time. bay area for sports. warriors sharks giants and a's. shark try to take a lead in vancouve vancouver. and a giant slayer here. how long would it take
9:52 pm
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we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room
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then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> coming up fit on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. one man crime spree at east bay bank. chilling scene and how this came to an end. >> man set free after 22 years in prison. wrongfully convicted then given nothing to help get him back on his feet. why the state still has not given this man compensation for life turned completely upside down. those stories more at 7 news at 11 on channel 7. really fun time to be a bay area sports fan. >> absolutely. when you open the play off on the road
9:55 pm
normally the goal is to split. win one of the first 2 gyms. sharks did that against the ka nuchblingt 2 zip in vancouver tonight. welcome to game two albert with the facial for james shephard. hello. shark strike in the first period. captain thornton falling to the ice. and able to poke at home. fears of the post season 1 nothing sharks. seconds that the third. vancouver on the power play. ryan rips it. turn the puck over one night for gentlemen. give away. up 2-1. shark and scramble puck lose and patrick marlo ties with give second left. going to over too many. tied at 2 appease giants open 3 game series with the dodgers tonigh tonight. l.a. starting noted giant killer kershaw on the metal night. they rocked out
9:56 pm
the national anthem scoreless until the fifth. on the hill and single past about juan and dodgers up 1 nothing. 5 innings of work here no. hitter into the sixth. marco typhoonally breaks it up. with a triple. triple alley. buster follow was a double. same spot. ties it up at 1 appease right now they are deadlock. 1-1 in the eighth. a's start 10 game road trip facing vallejo own in new york. didn't waste time. first pitch of the game. deep to left. that is gone. first of the year. 1 zip in the flash. norris blind base hit to lift. home a's up 2 nothing. griffin strong outs in 7. scoreless frames struck out 4. gets
9:57 pm
edward nunez converting on 22 straight save toen it. a's win 2 zip. >> were it not for the huge effort of an true last night we might be talking about game 7 with denver. instead of round 2 san antonio. bogus performance last night. highlight of what has been a frustrating season for him. >> season for me has been nightmare individually personally. >> limited to just 32 regular season games because of aassortment of injuries including surgically repaired left ankle simply would not cooperate. struggle. not just physically but mentally. l. >> go out. haven't had a beer or drink or any alcoholic bedroom i'm giving up a lot. just try go home and folks on my ankle right. >> after thing a pain killing injection his ankle was certainly right last night. play off career high 14 points
9:58 pm
and 21 rebounds. game focus he'sly could have sat out. >> didn't know he was going to my all day. ankle was bothering him tremendously. gutsy performance and definitely led the way. >> he does best he block and offer a lot of shot. i think that gave us the evenly on the night. i have been part of this team to win a series like this and given me a lot emotionally. >> arguably the happiest man in the arena last night. warriors owner joe taking the reign 3 years ago. made bold move for the front office and catching staff and player personnel and it's paid off. >> andrew. in he was unbelievable tonight. bob myers great job to draft the guys. fv so many people did something to contribute to make this happen.
9:59 pm
>> you can feel the energy there hype is over. next up the fight fv title by the fight tomorrow in las vegas. weigh in and stair down. floyd was thinking i would chew dentyne ice. he doesn't care. shock the world and floyd. >> thinking about getting down that's what i'm thinking about. time to ridiculous and roll man. nobody ain't intimidating me. get if the ripping it's on. that's it. the. >> come from boxing family in my blood imbedded in me. ready to do whether i do best. be vehicle tore us. >> floyd will make a men mum 32 million for the fight. >> minimum. >> wow! >> compensation package. >> that's our report for all of us thanks for watching. us thanks for watching.
10:00 pm
mac: frank, i'm having a hard time understanding what we're doing here. frank: just give me the walkie-talkie. all right. why did you hide your will in the ceiling? i didn't do it. charlie did it. why did charlie hide your will in the ceiling? because i didn't want to crawl around these (bleep) vents. give me my gun. oh, right. yeah!


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